Welcome to SearchXDCC IRC search engine

Search XDCC is a new IRC packet search engine

It was designed to offer the most up to date listings offering you the latest files, networks and channels!

We aim to validate new channel submissions within 24 hours of being requested unlike many websites that can take days.

We also index most channels because our requirements to have a channel indexed are very basic, meaning more packs for you. Visit our Submit Channel page for more details.

Latest Website News

Posted On: 2013-06-24

New channel request validating

We have noticed a issue with the validation of new channels and networks where it get stuck in the pending list. We have now fixed this issue and everything seems to be running correctly but we will monitor this for a while.

Posted By: SearchXDCC Team

Posted On: 2013-06-23

Channel Requests

If you would like your channel or network to be added to our index then please visit the submit page tab and enter the details or. Click Here

Posted By: SearchXDCC WebTeam

Posted On: 2013-06-02

Feature Added - TV Schedule

We have now added TV Schedule to view current day USA tv schedule, Later we will add UK also.

Posted By: SearchXDCC Team

Our Indexing Bots

We currently have 3 bots that index over the IRC networks that work together to index the latest packets All our bots use the nickname SearchXDCC-1, SearchXDCC-2, SearchXDCC-3

Due to maximum nickname length on some networks we also use SearchX1, SearchX2, SearchX3